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Enoch Animal Shelter
4918 North 600 East
Enoch City, Utah 84721
(435)586-9445 (dispatch)

Our hours of operation are 7 days per week morning and evenings.
Exact hours vary so please call for an appointment.


Redemption rate $60.00
Surrender rate $100.00

There is a $40.00 adoption fee for all sterilized dogs; this fee is waived when you agree to have your dog spayed/neutered within 30 days from signing this contract. You are required to mail a copy of the neuter/spay certificate to the Enoch City. Cats-no adoption fee.

Loose dogs caught in school zone during school hours will be fined $120.00
Requirements for dog adoption are, fully fenced yard or large dog kennel we have a grace period of one week after adoption to return the dog, after one week if the dog is not returned a $60.00 surrender fee will be charged.

Our goal and philosophy at the shelter are:
Adoption first, Euthanasia absolute as a last resort (except in cases of severe illness, injury or very aggressive behavior)

The majority of all of our kitties are altered and vaccinated before adoption. We partner with Petsense Store located at 582 South Main in Cedar City who handles many of our kitty adoptions. Their number is 435-267-2727 for information about adopting a kitty.

We work very closely with local rescue groups  to keep open kennels available for incoming dogs. All of our dogs are housed in climate controlled indoor/outdoor kennels. Our kennels are cleaned and all animals are fed and provided fresh water twice daily.

We have many volunteers that come and spend time with the animals. We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please call for information. The animals would love to have you!

Donations are also greatly appreciated anything from food to toys to blankets towels etc. Because of our no kill efforts ours animals have much longer stays than in kill shelters. They would appreciate any donation that would help make their stay with us more comfortable and fun.
We do all that we can to ensure a safe comfortable environment for all our animals. We feel that they make much better pets after their adoption with proper care love and attention.

All of our available dogs and cats can be seen on our site is updated weekly.

If you don't find your "forever friend" at the Enoch City animal shelter please
support our nearby rescue groups or the Cedar City animal shelter so you are opening up a space for another needy pet. We all work closely together transferring animals giving referrals etc. to ensure that each homeless pet finds a forever home.
Local rescue groups in the area
fur-ever friends

Cedar Animal rescue

Cedar animal shelter
Addison Adams, Animal Control Officer

   Iron County Animal Shelter
   Best Friends Animal Sanctuary